Top Rated Manhattan Beach Real Estate Agent

Hi, I'm Ellis Posner, a local Realtor experienced in the Beach Cities. But don't just take my word for it, read and some testimonials and  reviews from clients who initially found me on a site like this or Zillow or Trulia.

I've lived in the area for 30 years in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach. I guess that means I move around a lot but you would too if you were looking at houses all day every day!

I understand the needs of both Buyers and Sellers in this community.

I've seen almost every listing for sale over the last decade and longer. I know the history of these properties and the back story of what's going on in most instances.

Whether you are Buying or Selling a home, I'm available to help you.

Buyers and Sellers Need Arm's Length Representation

Quite possibly one of the biggest mistakes many Buyers and Sellers make is not working with the right agent. This can cost you time, money or both. Hint, your friend who just got their license or cousin from out of the area is probably not the right choice here. It is also not the best idea if you are a buyer to just make offers with the listing agents. They represent the seller, not you.

If you are a buyer, what the agents know that no app or website knows is a) what is really available for sale and what's not, b) what is coming on the market and when (top agents network), c) which sellers will take less and which homes will sell for more, d) how the process works, and e) how to get stuff fixed i.e. roofs, plumbing, electrical etc. (no home is perfect). And that's the short version of the list.

For sellers, we know how to properly prepare your home for sale, stage it, market it, have repairs done and which buyers are most likely to perform.

And most importantly, I'm involved in over 100 Real Estate negotiations per year and know how to get things done.

Pro Tips Sellers

It takes more than a yard sign and an open house to sell your home in Redondo Beach.

Buyers are armed with more data than ever before and they all want a "deal". Any defects in a home will be exploited by savvy agents to drive the price down. We are also starting to see interest rates come up from their historic lows which will price some first time buyers out of the market.

On the flip side, no pun intended, deep pocket investors have entered the market and are purchasing homes with deferred maintenance or needing rehab that they then turn around and sell as turn key properties. But they won't pay top dollar or anything close.

The good news is that  desirable homes that show well and are priced right are selling quickly, often with multiple offers. The methodology described actually works. You can scroll down on this page to view example sold properties.

What Are the Comps?

Everyone likes to start with "the comps" as in "how much is my home worth?" and that seems logical enough.

Most people turn to authority websites offering automated valuation models (AVMs) such as the one below to get started. But since these tools are working on algorithms of recently sold homes to come up with the value or price they are just as likely to be correct as not.

For example the AVM does not know if your house has a new roof, new wood floors or an updated kitchen and your neighbors does not. Or if your house is on a quiet street and the one being used for comparison is on a busy street. The AVM is only comparing age, Sq Ft, lot size etc not the finer points that make pricing homes an art more than a science.

Here's my AVM tool. It is a good starting point but not the last word for sure.