Manhattan Beach Condos and Townhomes for Sale

What's the Difference Between a Condominium and Townhome?

This is a very common question that buyers often have. It often comes up during the loan process when the lender informs the buyer that the rate for a condo is higher than for a Single Family House (SFR) and the buyer is utterly confused because they are buying a Townhome and don't know why the lender is referencing anything to do with condominiums. Confusing, right?

In CA a residential property can be either a SFR (think a house sitting on its own lot), a condominium, or part of a planned unit development (PUD). An example of the latter would be Manhattan Village.

From a lender perspective, PUDs are more likely to get the same interest rate as SFRs.

From a stylistic perspective, when most people think of condos what comes to mind are flat, apartment like dwellings in a larger multi story building. Townhomes are usually understood to be mutli-level dwellings most often with their own direct entry from the street and often with attached garages.


These are all the Townhomes and Condominiums currently for sale in Manhattan Beach CA.The list will update in real time whenever you visit this page.

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