Manhattan Beach Strand Homes for Sale

What is "The Strand"

A paved path, called The Strand, runs along the coastline from Torrance Beach in the south approximately twenty miles north to Santa Monica and stops at about Pacific Palisades. There are beachfront ocean view homes along The Strand in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach CA.

Northward from Manhattan Beach there are no beachfront homes in El Segundo CA but you will find beachfront housing in Playa Del Rey and other coastal communities.

In South Redondo Beach, the closest that you can own a home to the oceanfront is on "The Esplanade" which in general is set further back than The Strand. The bike and walking path continues after the Redondo Pier but not the houses.

People may confuse The Strand with a "boardwalk." The Strand is not considered a boardwalk, because it is not made out of wood boards.

So if it is still not clear where the Strand is, just head down to the end of Manhattan Beach Blvd. You see the path with the amazing houses directly facing the ocean? Those homes are on The Strand.

Other than the absolutely un-obstructable ocean views, what makes Strand homes so unique is that they literally are "on the beach". Other beachfront property in LA  County is not quite this much on the beach may be further set back - with the exception of Malibu CA where homes may actually have waves breaking beneath the houses.

In any case, this is some of the most desirable and expensive real estate in Southern CA. While many buyers prefer to be south of the Manhattan Beach Pier and some even prefer North Hermosa "between the Piers" to let's say El Porto in Manhattan Beach, let's face it, it's all good. Very good.

Real Estate on the Manhattan Beach Strand, whether it is land value or an actual home you can live in, is by far the priciest and most desirable in the Beach Cities. Well let's make that the South Bay.

After 10 closed Strand sales in total in 2014, 2015 and year to date in 2016,  there are now nine properties listed in the MLS and two in escrow. Land value and SFRs for what is currently available start at $6.9M and top out at $28,500,000.

So with just about enough Strand listings available for sale today than over the past few years, a few things came to mind not the least of which is "when is that next Powerball Drawing?".

Manhattan Beach Strand Homes for Sale

These are the current listing of homes for sale on the Strand.

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