Manhattan Beach Market Report

Here's the Data Realtors Use for CMAs

Have you ever wondered what goes into the CMA your Real Estate Agent gives you when you are presented with the "comps" for your home?

Let me share a secret with you, it is very subjective (dare I say arbitrary) and including or excluding one or 2 properties can make a world of difference. 

You can take this Market Report, which is a 60 day snapshot in time and modify it to create your own or contact us and we'll do it for you.

What you will see are the newest active listings, what is under contract (ie in escrow) and recently sold properties for Manhattan Beach. This can be run for any of the neighborhoods i.e.Sand Section, Hill Section, Tree Section, etc. and any property type, age, size or whatever.

These results are "live" and will update in real time whenever you revisit this page. If you are looking at this report on your phone scroll to the right to see all the properties.