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Manhattan Beach is comprised of a number of very distinct neighborhoods and then further micro neighborhoods within those. The first major delineation is whether properties are found East or West of Sepulveda Blvd (PCH is Hermosa Beach and South Redondo Beach). The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) actually does a very good job of defining the areas in a way that follows local custom.

West of Sepulveda

The Manhattan Beach Sand Section 

This is is the furthest west and here's where you will find many of the most expensive homes for sale. Lots are smaller and the density is greater. Many properties, particularly as you get closer to the ocean are Townhomes, some attached and some free standing.

Real Estate prices in the Sand Section are further determined by whether a property is west of Highland Ave or on a Walkstreet. And you can mix and match those two as well. While locals may refer to the Gaslight district the MLS does not identify it separately.

The oceanfront homes that stretch along the bike path and walking lane of The Strand are some of the most expensive properties per square foot in the United States. Land value on the Strand can start at $10M and up.

Manhattan Beach Hill Section 

This neighborhood which also offers ocean views  or city views from some properties has larger lots than the Sand Section. Basically think Beverly Hills at the beach. Many homes in the Hill Section are within walking distance of either downtown or the Pier. Except for some townhomes near Manhattan Beach Blvd these are Single Family Residences.

Manhattan Beach Tree Section

As you go north of Manhattan Beach Blvd and South of Rosecrans you are in the "Trees". New residents often ask if the name comes from the abundant trees found in the neighborhood or the street names such as Walnut, Oak, Pine, etc. The properties closer to "town" command higher prices than near Rosecrans and the refinery for obvious reasons. One of the sub neighborhoods in the Trees is "American Martyrs" around the Church of the same name. This neighborhood is primarily comprised of houses.

East of Sepulveda

Manhattan Village 

This is a guard gated community located just east of the shopping mall of the same name and bound by Marine Ave to the south and a golf course to the north. There are 400 town and court homes. Amenities include a main pool and spa area, four additional spas within the community, and a quiet friendly atmosphere.

Liberty Village/Manhattan Heights 

The Heights area is the westernmost portion of this section. It is bordered by Sepulveda Boulevard on the west, Marine Avenue on the north, Herrin Avenue on the east and Manhattan Beach Boulevard on the south. This area has gentle hills, providing city views for some homes.
Liberty Village is the easternmost portion of this section. It is bordered by Aviation Boulevard on the east, Manhattan Beach Boulevard on the south, Redondo Avenue on the west and Marine Avenue on the north. Most of the original Liberty Village lots are about 5,000 - 5,400 square feet.

Mira Costa  

Yes, obviously named after the High School which is within the area. Most of the lots here are 50 feet wide by 150 feet deep. However, there are a few enclaves of exclusive homes on very large lots and a few standard lots that have been subdivided. This section is hilly, providing city views for some of the homes.

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