Manhattan Beach Real Estate Agent Teams

One of the recent trends in Real Estate practice is the formation of agent teams. In fact, the "team" concept has grown exponentially. There are a few reasons driving this.

In the legacy real estate mythology, each and every agents is supposed to be proficient in multiple facets of the business with the "Top Producers" hiring assistants to handle certain functions. Problem with that business model is that a) not everyone is great at everything and b) the business has grown more demanding and requires more attention. This is all further compounded by the fact that unlicensed assistants are precluded from engaging in certain activities with the public - which is why we get licenses to begin with.

While it is also true that forward looking Real Estate Brokerages are now providing more in terms of marketing and support than in the past and many aspects of the transaction can be handled via online signings, the items that do require attention require a lot more.

For example. in the old days an agent might show up with their camera and snap a few photos for the MLS. Not anymore. We not only need professional hi-res photos for our offline and online marketing but these days videos and 3D virtual tours all are part of the package. Well they are when we are your agents. And all of that information needs to be not only syndicated through the MLS but disseminated on a number of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to reach the widest audience. And then there is the "pre-listing" marketing that needs to be done. Want multiple offers, those needs to be responded to as well. And whether you are buying or selling, there may be numerous inspections and repair negotiations going on.

Or you may be buying a new home. One of us can be showing you that property and negotiating that deal while the other spends time getting your home sold.

Which is why two full time agents can get more done than one and teams are growing.

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