Are You Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home During the Holidays?

So every year as we start to get closer to the Holiday Season clients ask me whether it is a good idea to buy or sell Real Estate at this time of year. My answer is "Absolutely" with a few caveats.

For Buyers, considering how low inventory has been and that interest rates most likely will be rising soon, if you can find the home you want in Manhattan Beach, no reason whatsoever to wait. Sure there will be more homes on the market after the first of the year but you will be competing against more buyers. And for many sellers who have their home on the market they may be more likely to make a deal now when there are fewer buyers.

If you are thinking of selling now you will also have less competition as other home owners wait until after the first of the year to put their homes on the market. And to the extent that there are buyers out looking right now they are most likely very serious.

Here's some other considerations for sellers.

1) There will be more listings in January and that number will only increase into the Spring Selling Season.

2) Buyers have time on their hands during the holiday season to look at homes.

3) Interest rates are likely increasing soon and that may put a damper on Buyer's budgets.

4) Homes look great with the Christmas Trees, decorations, and lights.

5) Even if you sell now, most likely you would not have to move until February. Well at least if I'm your agent!