Selling a Home In Manhattan Beach CA? Free Staging Offer

There's no doubt about it: professionally staged homes sell for higher prices and usually faster as well.

Here's why.
  • Your listing must look inviting and be presented in the best possible manner. Many buyers have toured new construction homes that have been staged, well maybe not in Manhattan Beach, but other areas and associate staged with new. And we all know everyone would prefer new.
  • Staging, when properly done, evokes an emotional response. Your stuff, or mine for that matter may also get an emotional response but maybe not the one we want!
  • The home will photograph better as well as appear more inviting in videos, 3D Tours, and other promotional material. 
  • Staged homes appeal to the widest range of buyers.
Think about it. Have you ever purchased new clothes for a job interview, first date, or other important event? Had you hair cut? Gone on a diet? Sure you have. And you did that because you had one chance to make a first impression. Same with your house.

Learn more about my FREE staging offer.