Manhattan Beach CA Real Estate | Neighborhood Guide

Manhattan Beach CA 90266 has a number of very distinct and unique neighborhoods for a rather small city. And locals even sub-divide some of these neighborhoods even further.

As a local Real Estate Agent when I work with Buyers, which I do frequently, the first step is helping them understand the price points and types of properties you are likely to find in each area. Once that knowledge is transferred it is far easier for a prospective buyer to decide which neighborhood best fits their needs or budget. Or both.

I usually explain the neighborhoods west to east because that's just the way we tend to think. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west we have the Sand Section which includes the walk streets and the Strand. South of Manhattan Beach Blvd, the Sand Section is bounded by the Valley-Ardmore green belt but north of MB Blvd it meanders somewhat.

West of Sepulveda there are two other distinct neighborhoods in Manhattan Beach: The Tree Section which stretches from Rosecrans Ave down to MB Blvd and then the Hill Section which is south of Manhattan Beach Blvd and North of Hermosa Beach.

As we go further east of Sepulveda you'll find Manhattan Village, a gated master planned community. South of Marine are the neighborhoods of LibertyVillage and Manhattan Heights. Further south bordering Redondo Beach is the Mira Costa neighborhood.

As I mentioned the locals even further sub-divide the town. The Sand Section boasts the Strand - the ocean front properties with un-obstructable views and lots of people passing by your house. There are also the Walk Streets so named because there are no cars on them. Some of the walk streets are on steep inclines which seem to remind people of San Francisco but it looks like Manhattan Beach to me. In the Sand Section we also have the Gaslight area.

As you go further west there are larger lots. In Manhattan Beach we consider 7500 SqFt to be a large lot. You'll find those in the Hill Section but there are more the further east you go.

While many of the original beach cottages are long gone replaced by mansions, you'll still find some older properties with the original charm. Over the years there has been a lot of spec homes built so those reflect whatever was in vogue at the time. Try to avoid the 70s and 80s examples. There are some less than desirable properties from that era. Because the current crop of homes were primarily built as one offs there is not a lot of conformity - which I like. I have known some buyers to be put off by this because they have previously lived in master planned communities which definitely have a different look and feel.

Personally, I like seeing multi million dollar homes next to knock downs. Just what I am used to. Maybe its the result of having moved from Manhattan to Manhattan Beach CA.