Before and After Remodels | Manhattan Beach CA

We're in one of those segments of the real estate cycle right now where a lot of people are remodeling their homes for a lot of reasons. Some simply are staying put and want to refresh and update while others want to maximize their equity when they sell. Either way, the trend towards open, simplicity and minimalist makes it easy to do some updates that are transformational and stunning.

If you are considering a project best to work with an architect who understands your design goals and lifestyle needs and someone who can show you recent work and happy clients. My rule of thumb is everything takes longer and costs more than you expect it will so best to start at about 85% of your anticipated budget and have the ability to get 105% of what you want.

Check out some of these "before" and "after" shots to get a better idea and feel free to contact me with any questions or if you want to buy or sell South Bay Real Estate.

You've seen this before!
You've seen houses like this before, maybe you even live in one. Good bones, really dated. You've got the aluminum sliders, built in buffet, popcorn ceilings, bookcases, and check out the fan.

Yes, the same room with a wall removed, no popcorn or fan and the sliders replaced with indoor outdoor walls of glass. Nice. Well not sure about those 2 green chairs but that's easy to fix.

Original Kitchen
You have seen this one, I know you have! What can I say - compact, enclosed 1970s where's the drop ceiling?

Nothing like some new windows, widening the room and that gorgeous marble topped center island!