What Repairs do I Have to make to Sell My House in Manhattan Beach?

Manhattan Beach CA Homes for Sale

"My Buyers Just Had a Home Inspection. What Repairs do I Need to Make?"  This is one of the most common questions I get from home owners during the sales process and it is a great question.

Unless you have previously negotiated anything as part of the purchase contract, in most instances the answer is "None" other than those required by CA state law, the city, or the lender. So, let me address those items first.

Smoke detectors, CO2 detectors and water heating strapping are required by CA state law. Manhattan Beach has a toilet retrofit requirement.

Sometimes an appraiser will note a repair to be made as a condition on the appraisal report. It might be wood damage (termite or dry rot) or maybe the heat doesn't work. The lender may then require that repair to be made. But other than that anything else would have to be on the Buyer's "Request for Repairs". (Yes, another real estate form.)

My professional belief is that the request for repair should be just that: fix certain broken items. Unfortunately buyers (and sometimes their agents) mistakenly use the RR form as a request for improvements. The most common one I see is to replace the roof. Well if the roof is leaking that's one thing but just because it is old and nearing the end of its useful life, doesn't mean the buyer gets a new one. As I always say, if the house had a new roof I would have priced it higher!

At the other extreme you will see what I consider very small and petty items, ie wall outlets. A little bit higher up the chain are electrical panels. Some, particularly those manufactured by Zinsco do need to be replaced, Home inspectors hate those.

As a buyer you may be better served getting a seller credit or renegotiating the price than having the seller do the repair. The simple reason is that if you have it done you know it will be handled to your satisfaction. If the seller does get an item repaired ask to see the invoice as proof the work was done.

As a seller, you are also better off giving the buyer a credit because you do not want the buyer coming to the final walk through and making further issues regarding repair work. As always, if you have any questions regarding repairs of anything else related to the purchase or sale of Manhattan Beach Real Estate please feel free to call or email.