Preparing Your Home for Sale | Listing Tips for Manhattan Beach Sellers

Staged Homes Sell for Higher Prices

Most people understand that good “curb appeal” is important in getting top dollar for a home. After all, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Equally important is how the home appears on the inside. The process is essentially to “deconstruct” your home as you live in it and then “reconstruct” it to be ready for sale.

The first step is to get a head start on packing by reducing clutter throughout the house. This means clearing excessive papers and books on shelves and desktops, and minimizing overcrowding on countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Next, determine if you need to reduce the amount of furniture you’ll keep in the house. The more cluttered the home appears, the more cramped it will feel to buyers. The garage is a good place to store things while the home is on the market.

Now, you’re ready to do a thorough, deep cleaning of the home. Think of this as the Spring Cleaning effort of a lifetime. The goal is to clean the home such that it looks like a model home.

Finally, you’ll “reconstruct” the home so that it is easy to show, and such that each room is visually appealing. This may mean organizing existing furniture, or bringing new furniture and decorations into the home. Often, a staging specialist can help organize existing furniture or furnish the entire home. Call me today for a professional opinion on how to get your Manhattan Beach home ready for the market.

If you are curious as to the current value of your home follow this link for an automated home estimate.