Manhattan Beach CA Tree Section Homes for Sale

The Manhattan Beach Tree Section is a highly desirable neighborhood of primarily single family houses in Manhattan Beach CA.  The Tree Section is located west of Sepulveda Blvd, south of Rosecrans, north of Manhattan Beach Blvd and east of the Sand Section. Many of the streets are named for trees such as Walnut, Oak, Pine, Poinsettia etc. And there are a lot of trees as well.

One of the many desirable features of the neighborhood is that from many homes you can walk to downtown Manhattan Beach as well as the ocean. Just a great place to call home for the ultimate Southern CA lifestyle.

As you can see from the above graph, these properties are not inexpensive, but nothing in Manhattan Beach really is. Over the past year you had to be prepared to spend around $2M to live in the trees. But, from what I am hearing now, expect land value to be in the high $1M's these days.

Even at an entry point of $2M plus for anything nice, this is still below the 90266 median and average prices which are more in the mid $2M's.

I'll often hear other agents lament that there is not enough inventory. I find the following graph quite interesting because it shows that while listings and properties under contract are both up, sales are down. Hmm.

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