Is Redondo Becoming the New Manhattan Beach?

Craftsman Style Redondo Beach Newer Construction
So is Redondo Beach becoming the new Manhattan Beach? Well if you are fortunate (and wealthy) enough to buy in Manhattan Beach, not really. For everyone else, pretty much.

But surprisingly what we are also seeing are buyers who can afford the Manhattan Beach price point gravitating to South Redondo Beach, Golden Hills in North Redondo Beach as well as other desirable comparable luxury properties. There's more to it than just having lower mortgage payments, property taxes, and investment dollars tied up in real estate. Some people prefer to be closer to the beach or even have a view at a more attractive price point. Or they just like the more relaxed laid back lifestyle and prefer Riviera Village to let's say Manhattan Village.

With the AES power plant scheduled to come down in its present configuration by 2020 (and who knows what it will be replaced with), a new Shade Hotel set to go up along the waterfront, a major Redondo Pier renovation slated and an increasingly wealthier demographic, Redondo Beach may be the place to be looking if you have been priced out of Manhattan Beach CA.