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Manhattan Beach CA 90266 is one of the most prestigious luxury beach communities in Southern CA. Homes in Manhattan Beach are highly desirable and many properties sell quickly with multiple offers. Because of the unsurpassable lifestyle, Manhattan Beach real estate is expensive even by Los Angeles standards with the average sales price right around $2.5M and almost nothing available under $1M. Manhattan Beach is home to many professional athletes, celebrities, entertainment industry people, doctors, lawyers and business owners.

For the newcomer, understanding the different neighborhoods, sub neighborhoods and local jargon is often half the battle. Here's a quick guide and intro.
The "Sand Section" refers to the westernmost land and includes both "The Strand" as well as the "Walkstreets". The Strand is the row of homes along the beach facing west. Walkstreets are the streets designed to have no cars drive on them  - hence the name. The Walkstreets "West of Highland" often are on an incline heading down to the beach and many newcomers liken it to San Francisco.  There is a sub neighborhood in the Sand Section known as the Gaslight area - again for fairly obvious reasons.

Going a little further east we hit the "Tree Section" and the "Hill Section".

The Tree Section is found between Valley Ardmore and Sepulveda and is bound on the North by Rosecrans Ave and the South by Manhattan Beach Blvd. Within the Tree Section there are other sub neighborhoods such as "American Martyrs" named after the church. The Hill Section is found west of Sepulveda, north of Hermosa Beach, south of Manhattan Beach Blvd and east of Valley Ardmore. Because the lots tend to be larger than other west of Sepulveda neighborhoods and because much of the land sits on a hill, many of these Beverly Hills style mansions also have ocean views.

Going further east (of Sepulveda) in East Manhattan Beach we find the neighborhoods of Libery Village, Manhattan Heights, Mira Costa (named after the high school) and Manhattan Village which is one of the few gated communities in the South Bay.

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