Manhattan Beach CA Top Real Estate Brokerages

Over the last few years the Real Estate industry has certainly seen the large brokerages lose a significant number of their top producing agents. We've also seen an increase in the number of independent and smaller brokerages who have been able to flourish in the new environment where both buyers and sellers rely more on Real Estate portals such as Zillow, Trulia, and others to disseminate information that previously was only in the hands of the Real Estate agents and brokers. In fact, these days it is not uncommon for buyers to know as much, or at times more, than their agents might.

In Manhattan Beach we've certainly seen the continued dominance of two long time Beach Cities brokerages, Shorewood Realtors and South Bay Brokers. Even so, over the past year neither one had a greater individual market share than "all others" did.

On the listing side, I still see a lot of Shorewood and South Bay Brokers signs hanging outside of homes for sale in Manhattan Beach. What may be driving the market share of the "others" right now is that with many buyers coming from other parts of the Southland, be it LA Westside or Orange County they may be working with what we locally affectionately refer to as "out of area" Brokers.

Considering the investment dollar of Manhattan Beach Real Estate I would still have to highly recommend that whether you are buying or selling a home in Manhattan Beach CA, you work with a local Manhattan Beach Realtor.