Manhattan Beach CA Homes: 90266 Neighborhood Guide

Real Estate in Manhattan Beach CA, 90266 is highly desirable but, even by Southern CA standards, very expensive. The LA Times recently published an article indicating that Manhattan Beach recorded the 2nd most $1M dollar home plus home sales in the state. 

If you are thinking of buying a home in Manhattan Beach, the first question you should be asking yourself is "which neighborhood". The differences can be in the millions. Really.

Starting with  the most expensive are homes on the Manhattan Beach Strand. Homes on The Strand directly face the Pacific Ocean and all have unobstructable ocean views. Homes on The Strand are considered to be in the Manhattan Beach Sand Section (albeit in a class of their own). In general, the Sand Section is from the beach up to Valley Ardmore (when you are south of Manhattan Beach Blvd) and then up through the 400 block in the north end. The Sand Section also does include homes in El Porto which is the neighborhood north of Rosecrans that was previously annexed from El Segundo. A home in El Porto that is the same distance from the beach and otherwise comparable to a home in Manhattan Beach's south end may sell for considerably less. Ocean views and walk streets also affect pricing. You can find everything from original beach bungalows to architectural modern structures and townhouses, condos, and single family houses.

Equally desirable and expensive are the homes in the Manhattan Beach Hill Section which is found just east of the sand section, north of Hermosa Beach and up to Manhattan Beach Blvd. 
These are typically larger than most of the homes found in the Sand Section and sit on larger lots (for the most part). Hill Section homes are built, well on a hill, and many have views of the ocean, PV, or even downtown LA and the mountains to the north and east.

North of Manhattan Beach Blvd, and West of Sepulveda, you find the Tree Section so named because many of the streets are named after trees (Oak, Elm, Poinsettia) and there are, well. a lot of trees! These lots may be smaller than found in the Hill Section 
and many of the newer homes take up almost the entire lot so there is not much of a backyard. From the westernmost properties it is a pretty easy walk or bike ride down to the beach. As you get further east and north, not so much for all but the heartiest. The Tree Section is more affordable than the Hill Section but we're still talking about million dollar "starter" homes and fixers. If you can find them. The tree Section is almost exclusively single family homes.

Within The Sand Section and Tree Section, locals also make further distinctions such as The Gas Lamps or American Martyrs and El Porto as previously mentioned.

Moving east of Sepulveda, the neighborhood is referred to as, you guessed it, East Manhattan Beach except for the gated community of Manhattan Village found just east of the shopping center between Marine Ave and Rosecrans. East Manhattan Beach is then further delineated as to whether it is the homes around the High School, called not surprisingly "Mira Costa" or the Heights/Liberty Village area. What you'll find in this area are also primarily single family homes on larger lots than you'll find in the Sand Section and everything from mid century original tract homes to MacMansions.

Click on any of the homes on the map for more information. These are always the most current MLS listings and update in real time. For Manhattan Beach Foreclosure, follow this link.


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