Ocean View Homes for Sale on the Manhattan Beach Strand

There are currently 4 Manhattan Beach Strand homes listed for sale in the MLS. Or maybe 2 depending on how you view it. Here's what's going on with Strand Real Estate.

4112 and 4114 The Strand are attached townhouses that are being sold either individually or together. The 2 condo units can be used as one huge newer (2008) Strand beach house or individually.

2016 and 2020 The Strand are being sold together - most likely for land value. Create your own dream ocean front ultimate Strand property at this incredible Manhattan Beach location. Very prime beach front real estate.

 There are 2 Strand houses currently in escrow.

If you are looking for a great Manhattan Beach lifestyle in the Sand Section but want more provacy than what The Strand offers, consider an ocean view walkstreet home. Fore more information on Manhattan Beach Real Estate call local Realtor Ellis Posner at 310 975 5139 to buy or sell Manhattan Beach Real Estate.