Manhattan Beach Tree Section Homes for Sale

For many Manhattan Beach Real Estate Buyers, the Tree Section (MLS Area 143) remains the destination of choice. The Tree Section offers a nice blend of affordability, beach proximity, and small town feel that residents of Manhattan Beach enjoy.

If you are not familiar with the neighborhood delineations referred to by Manhattan Beach Real Estate Agents, here's what you need to know about the Tree Section.

The Tree Section is bound on the eastern border by Sepulveda, on the south by Manhattan Beach Blvd, and on the North by Rosecrans Ave. The western boundary starts at Valley Ardmore just north of Manhattan Beach Blvd, but after Live Oak Park you can just draw an imaginary line straight through to Sand Dune Park and there you have it. Or, simply think of where the Sand Section streets dead end and the immediate other side is the Tree Section. Simple version, if you are in the 500 block or higher and north of Manhattan Beach Blvd, that's the Tree Section.

While you will see a lot of actual trees and foliage in this area, many of the streets are named after "trees": Maple, Walnut, Palm, Elm, Oak, Poinsettia, etc. Homes near American Martyrs are highly sought after due to the proximity to downtown Manhattan Beach, restaurants, the Strand, etc.

If you are looking to buy in the Tree Section, you will find everything from original beach bungalow fixers and mid century houses up to new construction mansions. Lot sizes for the most part are right around 5000 sq ft. Almost all of the housing inventory is single family homes.

So far in 2012, there have been 78 closed real estate transactions in the Tree Section. Sold prices have ranged from $700,000 for a fixer to $4.2M for a 5700 sq ft 5 bedroom compound on Pine (pictured above).

Currently, there are 21 Tree Section Homes in escrow (MLS Status "backup" or "pending"). With only 13 Manhattan Beach Tree Section homes for sale, clearly demand for Tree Section Real Estate is far outstripping supply. Our advice is that if you want to sell Manhattan Beach Tree Section Real Estate, wait until next year - prices may be even up more. If you are a Tree Section home buyer, be prepared for some stiff competition as these is some of the most competitively sought after properties currently on the market.

Following are the Manhattan Beach Tree Section Homes currently listed for sale in the multiple listing service (MLS). Follow this link for real time Tree Section updates.

Tree Section "starters" are going to be in the mid to high $700's at best and it is easy to quickly escalate over $1.5M. In the mid $1M's many buyers look at the trade of of Tree Section west of Sepulveda vs East Manhattan Beach where for the most part you would more likely find a newer, larger house on a larger lot for the same price. There are some amazing Tree Section properties priced at over $2M at which point many buyers start the comparison between Tree Section and Hill Section Real Estate.

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