Manhattan Beach CA Real Estate Market Update and Trends for June 2012

Manhattan Beach CA Real Estate remains in high demand. And, with decreasing inventory and many more qualified buyers in the market than we've seen in years, many sellers are receiving multiple offers within 30 days and selling for higher than list price. The market has turned so abruptly that many buyers heads are still spinning. Here's some data, trends, and statistics you might find interesting. For more specific information regarding a home you own or want to buy call 310 975 5139 for a confidential meeting.

Looking back over the past year plus, we see a dramatic change in inventory. And, as you can see, sales hit their highest peak and inventory almost the lowest valley. Gotta love those peaks and valleys, right?

And for all those waiting for the "wave of foreclosures that will drive prices down 30%". Whoops, not going to happen anytime soon. Here's why.

As is evident, pre-foreclosures (NODs) are declining after a temporary spike, REO inventory is flat, and NTS, pre-foreclosures scheduled for sale have been ramping down. In other words, no downward pricing pressure.

So, with inventories this low, what are you waiting for? Whether you are thinking of buying or selling Manhattan Beach Real Estate the time is right to call 310 975 5139.

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