If you live, work, or just hang out in Manhattan Beach CA, you've certainly seen the Shorewood blue "Sign of Success" hanging in front of houses for sale. A lot of houses if truth be told. Here's some more information about Shorewood Realtors you might find useful if you want to buy or sell Manhattan Beach Real Estate.

Shorewood Realtors, with two offices in Manhattan Beach, remains one of the most dominant residential Real Estate brokerages in the South Bay with over 350 active Real Estate agents and one of the most successful in the US. Shorewood Realtors has come a long way since founder and co-owner Arnold Goldstein opened the first office in 1969 in Hermosa Beach.

Today, Shorewood has 7 offices in total plus an affiliated escrow company, Brighton Escrow in Hermosa Beach. In addition to the two Manhattan Beach Shorewood Realtors Real Estate offices, you can find Shorewood Realtors in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo and on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The corporate headquarters as well as property management and the agent training facility are located in Manhattan Beach. The management team is rounded out by Larry Wolf the other co-owner and Mike Collins the General Manager.

Shorewood typically ranks in the top 50 national real estate firms based on sales volume (although for 2010, Shorewood was #69). Individual agent production is very high with Shorewood Realtors ranking number 36 in the country for individual agent production and number 8 for average agent sales.

Shorewood Realtors maintains a unique dominant market position in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach Real Estate and in particular among the higher end "Sand Section", "Hill Section", and Strand MLS listings and sales.

For example, over the last 12 months, Shorewood Realtors sold a total of 255 properties in Manhattan Beach. Of these, 137 were Shorewood listings and Shorewood represented buyers in 118 transactions. In terms of total sales, we are talking about a 29.9% market share. As for dollar volume, ($429M), that's a 30.4% share. As if those numbers aren't staggering enough, with 56 current listings, Shorewood Realtors is representing 31.6% of the sellers on the market. Any business in any industry would be very proud of those numbers. Consider this: Shorewood Realtors has a larger market share in Manhattan Beach than the next 3 brokerages combined in most categories.
So, what does that mean for you if you choose a Shorewood real estate agent? Well, that depends on whether you are buying or selling Manhattan Beach Real Estate. As a buyer, you will get the "inside track" on Shorewood Realtors listings and often get a heads up days before a property hits the MLS or before there is a price reduction. This can be the crucial difference between successfully securing a home or missing out. As a seller, your listing gets high visibility among the Shorewood Realtors agent community through the daily "NTS" email that goes out to 350 Shorewood agents, Shorewood Caravan and myriad other ways this networked group of professional Realtors work with each other. (Realistically, your buyer will not be represented by your listing agent which is why agent cooperation is paramount.) Additionally, because of Shorewood Realtors high visibility in the local real estate community, there are various other resources at your disposal to assist in the transaction such as home and pest inspectors, title companies, lenders, contractors and escrow officers. Call 310 975 5139 to buy or sell Manhattan Beach Real Estate with an agent from Shorewood Realtors.


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