Manhattan Beach Real Estate: Are home values going up or down?

Whether you are buying or selling a townhouse, condo, or single family home in Manhattan Beach, or just interested Real Estate and your home's value, most people want to know whether prices are going up or down, what the realty activity is, and other trends.

We want to tell you about a great, interactive, free, web based tool you can use that goes far beyond the typical CMA most Realtors and Real Estate Agents offer: Market Snapshot.

Each report is personalized but charts current up to the minute market activity in Manhattan Beach, including such data as sold homes, properties for sale, inventory counts and even days-on-market. Data on Manhattan Beach Sales is pulled from the MLS and other public sources.

Obviously, there are many 'intangibles' behind this data, such as whether homes were fixed up or not, were they short sales or REOs, probate sales, special amenities, seller concessions etc, but we can provide that information for you separately upon request.

The power of this report is that it is interactive. You can customize the results you view and explore parameters such as Manhattan Beach community info, market info, asking vs sold price, days on market, time period of the report - from last week to 90 days ago, and much more. You can also schedule the frequency with which you receive updates amd even view your old reports. And, I think we mentioned that it is free.

 This is a great tool. Click Here to get get started with your personalized Market Snapshot.